About me

Andrei BaloiuHi everybody !

Here you can read something about me (right now I'm trying to guess what you might want to know about me): my name is Andrew, but usually I preferred to call myself Andy and now most of my friends call me Andy. I am a designer. So I will simply sign with ANDYSIGNER, which I think fits best this site's name.

When I'm not sleeping, eating, or my writing my profile for my portfolio, I work as a  freelance designer.

Currently I am based in London – I moved from Portsmouth recently after finishing my Graphic Design MA at the University of Portsmouth. Here, my major project for this master was about interactive logo and identity systems on internet and on unconventional media.

I'm passionate about new media: I read books, blogs, or anything that I can find on this area. I'm experimenting.

I like to work as a freelancer most, because I can only choose what I want and generally I choose only the most challenging projects, the most revolutionary, whether it comes to web design, design, web developing, editing audio or video.

I hope my portfolio, presented on this site to make you better acquainted with me than what I wrote above.

Download Resume ; Download Portfolio

My services:

Corporate visual identity, logo design, business cards, flyers, chures. Sites, site maintenance, eCommerce. Is enough or you want more?


My websites:

www.snackrocket.com, www.ai-solutions.co.uk, www.dden-legacy.com, www.coldfrontinnovations.co.cc, www.cuponix.ro, www.alexanderk.ro homeworkforyou.com, agresivmedia.ro, www.ginaslist.co.uk, www.nmconstruct.co.cc, www.masinadegheata.tk, www.caroclean.ro, www.antoniomomoc.ro, www.testemo.tk, dentstore.tk ...


Many of you, asked me if I can do web banners. Here are some Banners.